Intricate instrumentation, feel-good melodies and an irresistibly infectious energy. Welcome to the exciting new world of Doctor X!  He blurs the lines between smooth jazz, funk, world and chillout music to create something entirely fresh. The resulting sound is something distinctly organic and oozing in originality. An award-winning engineering professor by trade, he’s currently preparing to enter the music industry world with a number of original new projects. For 25 years now he’s been composing his debut album. The record is the product of years of hard work, really harnessing his musical skills to top-tier levels. It’s his lifelong dream to make his mark as a musician and he’s finally about to make that a reality with his innovative new project that will be released soon. He’s been playing keyboard since the age of seven and is well versed in all aspects of music. Much of his youth was spent in and out of various local bands where he learnt how to combine an electrifying energy to a potent performance style. Born and raised in Iraq, Baghdad, the seasoned musician played professionally in a Bee Gees cover band in and around his home city. This was until the war hit in 2003 where he moved to Jordan in 2004. Whilst there he had a late night show with Jordan’s #1 Adult Contemporary radio station (Mood FM) and was also the keyboardist of a Gipsy Kings cover band and played briefly for the Iraqi legend “Ilham al-Madfai”. Fast forward to 2008 when he had relocated to the USA to pursue a PhD in engineering. He’s since used this knowledge to launch a career in academia where he currently serves as the director of the Engineering Physics program and the Wearable Electronics Research Center at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since an early age the musician has always been infatuated by music. From rock, funk to R&B, his tastes have always been highly diverse which results in a very eclectic sound. Though he went on to pursue a professional career in electrical and biomedical engineering in the academic world, his love for music never left him. He kept a small home studio where he continues to compose music. Not to mention also using music to support his students when teaching all about the science of sound and resonance.

Photo Credit: Raya Raad